Teen Ambassador Job Description


  • Host an Exchange student (camper) in your home for the summer program. If your family can’t host; you will be responsible for finding a host family.


  • Group supervision of your team with attention to all of the following: program, health, happiness, discipline, cleanliness, safety, routine duties, character and skill development.


  • Be concerned for the social adjustment of EACH team member.


  • Help team members plan, carry out and evaluate projects and activities. Including communicating with your Team monthly prior to their arrival to camp and preparing for the upcoming camp activities


  • Promote team participation in ALL activities, including assist with housekeeping chores


  • Take turns with other Teen Ambassadors for various responsibilities.


  • Exhibit personal habits, health, modest dress, speech, table etiquette and relationships with other staff that serve as a beneficial model to everyone.


  • Set a good example in ALL you do as a Teen Ambassador. Activities are a fun learning experience.


  • Work with directors and any other staff to iron out difficulties with facilities, programs and team members.


  • Will stay with their team members at all times (day and night) unless otherwise assigned. (If you are missing, the police will be called!)


  • Maintain the curfew designated by agents.  No one will leave the activities/events without permission.

Teen Ambassadors Rules and Regulations:

To have a safe, healthy program that is a good experience for everyone, Teen Ambassadors will NOT:

  • Use objectionable language.


  • Engage in or permit verbal or non-verbal put-downs of others.


  • Permit destruction of nature in any form (breaking of branches on live trees, picking protected wildflowers/other plants, carving trees, killing or torturing animals, etc.).


  • Permit vandalism of property in any form or permit any kind of littering.


  • Permit or have weapons of any kind during program activities.


  • Engage in or permit excessive “horseplay” or physical “rough-housing” with team members.


  • Make threats that are unwise to carry out or administer physical punishments.


  • Be under the influence of or in possession of any drugs, alcohol or tobacco products.


  • Permit or participate in any sexual activities


  • Allow radios, TV’s, boom boxes, etc. to be played when they will distract from the camp program or the natural setting.


  • Make or permit inconsiderate noise and disturbance in the cabins after “lights out” and before wake up time


  • Drink soda, eat snacks or have any special privileges in front of the team members when they are not allowed to have them.


  • Wear T-shirts, caps or clothing that advertise alcohol, tobacco or anything offensive.   Wear bandanas, hats or clothing that would suggest gang symbols or membership


  • You are an Ambassador to the Program, Families, Utah, and the USA. Make sure you conducted yourself as an Ambassador in all you do; with friends, social media, appearance, language, etc



Depending on the nature and severity of the offense:

  • Warning may be issued to you and a notice to your parents


  • You will be asked to leave the program at the expense of your parents; including but now limited to picking you up


  • And/Or asked to leave and reimburse the Program for the costs of the event and damages.